Career highlights

Invented an algorithm that has become textbook material and a household name in the area of cache interconnection and content centric networking (LCD “Leave Copy Down”). LCD (and LCE) were introduced and analysed in 2004 and 2005. For a number of years they remained in obscurity as research interests shifted away from web caching and content distribution. With the arrival of Content Centric Networking around 2009 people realised that LCD is a pretty simple and efficient algorithm for controlling the number of copies of the same object in a network of content caches.

Solved a classic problem. Proud to have derived a simple and very accurate closed form solution for computing the hit-ratio of an LRU cache under generalised power law demand. I never published the result on a journal or a conference but I remain equally happy about it. It actually got used in stress testing a real CDN and saved months of work for the testing team.

Back in 2008 I published the first results on Bulk Transfers on the Internet and between datacenters. This work sparked a new area of networking research with frequent presence in top tier conferences like sigcomm. We published the first paper in the area in the first session on this topic back in sigcomm 2011.

Developed a first of its kind empirically verifiable economic model of network interconnection whose output can actually be compared against real-world wholesale bandwidth prices.

Demonstrated first that online price discrimination is indeed taking place on the web and in e-commerce. The work attracted the interest of a diverse set of communities from policy making to … fashion.

Started the Data Transparency Lab.